Review: NaissanceE


Platforms: PC

Developer: Limasse Five


Naissance with an extra “E” is a hard game to peg into a specific genre. You could call it a FPS Puzzle/ Adventure/ Platformer if you really had to but in all honesty it is more than that.


I found NaissanceE to be an exploration game but not of the abandoned structure you find yourself in but an exploration of loneliness and abandonment. The scale of the structure is at times overwhelming and despite the sometimes vast spaces you find yourself in claustrophobia creeps into your mind as you move from room to room.

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There is an other-worldly presence about the place – a omnipresences gnawing at your mind – that grips you the further you head into the never ending black and white halls. In truth I found moments of the game to be horrifying, not because of any monster but the vast starkness and scale of the place coupled with a constant droning monotonous tone so devoid of any perceivable meaning that forces the mind to wash up on the far shores of paranoia only to never escape.


NaissanceE is Nietzsche’s quote made real “And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you”.

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