Review: Among the Sleep

Platforms: PC, PS4 – Release date to be announced

Developer: Krillbite Studio

This generation’s American McGee’s Alice

Among the Sleep is a horror/ adventure game where you take the role of a two year old child. Your mother gives you a Teddy Bear for your second birthday which promptly comes to life when she leaves you to go answer the phone. She returns to put you and Teddy (conveniently pretending to be inanimate) to bed only for you to be woken in the middle of the night by strange happenings . You and Teddy set off into the dark and scary house to find the comfort of Mum – only she is missing and something most horrifying has taken her place.

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Among the Sleep offers several interesting game mechanics since you are playing as a small child. Navigating the house is scary enough but the effect is magnified by the looming scale of objects and the way the child’s mind makes all the noises such as a ticking clock become all the more sinister. I have to applaud Krillbite for their pause menu, it is beyond clever. Since Among the Sleep is presented in First Person and since you’re playing as a child, pressing Escape causes the character to cover his eyes with his hands.

Press Esc to hide

Which is a shame since he is missing out on a gorgeous and intriguing little game.

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