Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Wii-U

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

“Appsassins Creed”

Unlike DICE and BF4′s Single Player at least Ubisoft tried…

Watch_Dogs is like a loaf of bread that has been in the oven too long – when you started baking it you were excited for the warm fresh bread you would soon have. At some point you let it burn while you were off busy playing GTA V and now you find it at the forefront of your mind once more as you’re scraping away the burnt edges. You have ended  up with an interesting result, it’s just not as good as you had hoped.

“You can tell I’m a hacker because I have tattoos and piercings like that movie…”

Watch Dogs tries so hard to do something new that it is almost endearing to play but it has too many short comings to distract you from some otherwise interesting concepts and mechanics. The voice acting is wooden and the soundtrack reeks of someone saying “I’m sure this is what all the kids are listening to!” – although there are times that Watch_Dogs will remind you that we are in the 8th Generation of consoles they will ultimately be shattered by moments where you will wonder if you plugged in the wrong system before you started gaming.

Buy the same outfit but in a different colour – NEXT GEN CUSTOMIZATION!

I wont call it bad however, it provides an interesting and surprisingly interactive open world experience with some impressive visuals along the way – it just cant do it often enough for me to call it good.

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