Review: Cel Damage HD


Platforms: PlayStation , PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

Developer: Finish Line Games

“Dominique Trix”

Cel Damage is back for the five people that remember it

Cel Damage came out 13 years ago on the 6th Generation of consoles and was a fun quirky game. In 2014 it is back and god only knows why.

Four player split-sceen!
Four player split-sceen!

To be fair Cel Damage is fun, it is a vehicular combat game in the vein of Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 but earns its place by aping a Saturday morning cartoon. You play as one of ten drivers in three gamemodes, Deathmatch, Rally, and CTF across a variety of stages with an assortment of weapons. The game is true to its cartoon vision with the characters, effects, and controls all having a somewhat jovial feel to them, cars bend and flex in unrealistic ways while the characters themselves often blurt out expletives with the humorous censored “Bleep!”.

The gameplay and cel shaded style still hold up after all this time but it can not be recommended due to the price, a hefty $13.00 NZD for a game that should really be free. Its can be easily beaten in a couple of hours and offers little in terms of replay value but if you have to get it, sit down with a few friends for some old school local multiplayer fun!


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