Review: Daylight

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC

Developer: Zombie Studios


The horror, the horror…

The most horrifying part about this game is actually playing it. 

The first thing you will notice when starting Daylight is that it runs on Unreal 4 -an oft demoed engine expected to usher us all into a glorious new age of gaming. Reality is less kind however and there is only so much you can hide with darkness. After start up you are treated to the worst main menu ever conceived, a puny insignificant little thing that lacks the most important feature that this game needs: Quit.

Look at it, just look at it...
Look at it, just look at it…

When you make it into the game proper you will assume the role of Sarah our overly unconcerned protagonist who has found herself in a strange hospital with nothing but her phone and an ominous voice to guide her. The game randomly generates the hospital for every playthrough leading to the most dull (Just like Sarah’s personality) and repetitive scenery in which to spend your time.

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The only time my heart skipped a beat was when the FPS dropped to zero so I will leave you with a six minute video of the most horrible horror game ever, I suffered so you don’t have to.

Daylight is what this game should have never seen.




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