Review: Battlefield 4 – Campaign

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC

Developer: DICE


The Ugly Sibling:

To say DICE tried to make a meaningful experience with BF4’s campaign would be a statement of great concern.

To say “They tried” would lend credence to the fact that DICE put effort into creating 8 hours of the most pathetic FPS game design backed up with a story that goes beyond meaningless and into the absurd. As a player your intelligence will be constantly assaulted as you get shepherded from one corridor to another only to be interrupted by the occasional shooting gallery with bullet-sponge enemies and AI so thick you’d wonder if you were shooting free lobotomies rather than bullets. It is a bug-ridden shambling monstrosity that somebody saw fit to let see the light of day. That “Somebody” should have crept into the dank cell it was festering in, gently stroked its scaled head , whispered “Shhhhh” and smothered its drooling orifices with a pillow against the now stifled sobs of “K-k-kill me”…


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